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Ayla Karaoglu

Key Account Manager at Google

"The time Lefteris has been coaching me changed the way I approached my life. His perspective on matters (small or big) gave me the chance to see my (daily) challenges from a different angle. He not only encouraged me to focus on the important things in my life and tackle the ones that I am not happy with, but also showed me techniques on how to deal with difficult situations. Lefteris is an inspiring and open-minded coach, who approaches his passion to support others in the most wholehearted way." 

Magdalena Niechcial

Measurement & Attribution Specialist at Google

"I highly recommend Lefteris as a coach. Thanks to his sessions, I made great progress in areas I was struggling with: communication, stress management, time management, and others. He is very attentive, asks great questions that help you grow. After every session I felt very empowered and confident that I can improve my skills and reach my goals." 

Harun Mlivo

GMP Retail Lead at Google

"I would definitely recommend Lefteris as a coach for multiple reasons, with the most important being that he is somebody that makes you feel comfortable and creates a calm and safe space where you can open up, explore different perspectives and work towards your goals. He is a good listener, has a genuine coaching style, and he’s able to stay objective while helping you come to conclusions on how to progress. Lefteris is very open-minded, optimistic and you can see that he does this out of passion for helping people around him."